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How Bergdorf Goodman Personal Shopper Betty Halbreich Shops for the Holidays

It's no surprise that Bergdorf Goodman's witty personal shopper, Betty Halbreich, is such a pro at holiday gifting.
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Holiday shopping can be intimidating for everyone: From finding the right picks to wrapping up the gifts, there’s pressure to get things just right for the people we love. So we thought we’d ask our favorite fashion tastemakers to tell us what they’re gifting this season — feel free to steal their ideas!

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"I wake up in the middle of the night right after Thanksgiving, pull last year's list out and make a new one. I call Katz in Napa Valley for lemons, olive oil, vinegar every year. I then call a woman who makes cheese crackers -- Sommer HoF Farms, very spicy and great for cocktails.

I always buy ornaments in [Bergdorf Goodman's] Christmas shop and send them to friends who end up with a collection of them. I love, love giving books -- some from Bergdorf's and some from the cookbook store on the Upper East Side. My children aren't easy, I use Eskandar for my daughter and she loves plants and flowers. Both my children love plants so I use a greenhouse in Bantam, CT, for amaryllis and paper whites, great for the holidays.

My grandchildren will be coming to the 5th floor for their Christmas joy. Yes, I get frantic because I hope I haven't left anyone off the list. When I didn't work, I baked and that was most gratifying."

-- As told to Fashionista.

Click below to see exactly what Halbreich (who, by the way, is now on Tumblr) is gifting this holiday. (It sure makes us wish we were on her list!)