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Cara Delevingne Delivers a Christmas Speech in a Turkey Hat and Unicorn Onesie

'Twas a very Cara Christmas.

Each Christmas in the UK, the Queen addresses the nation with a traditional speech that looks back on the year and touches upon holiday-appropriate themes. If this sounds a bit dry to you, we suggest you check out this "alternative" Queen's speech by one of her Kingdom's most famous names, none other than Cara Delevingne.

The most popular model of the year recorded a nonsensical Christmas message -- with the help of her older sister, Poppy -- for Love Magazine's Advent Calendar, and it features a wealth of important holiday wisdom. For instance, Delevingne touches on the importance of staying fit, eating your greens, staying cozy and taking care of Santa's reindeer, all while partaking in a number of costume changes that include a turkey hat, some Christmas-themed lingerie and a unicorn onesie. Other scene-stealers in the clip are the model's beloved bacon lip balm and her impressive sword tricks.

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We're not sure how else to explain what's actually going on in Delevingne's video, so we suggest watching it for yourself.