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Cara Delevingne Mistakes a Stranger's Car for a Cab, Hilarity Ensues

Who knew picking up a supermodel was so easy?
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When you're young, your parents teach you to lock the car doors while you're inside, 'just to be safe.' You never know what could happen: You may accidentally pull on the handle, causing the door to fly open while you're going full speed on the highway. Or a creepy guy hocking cheap roses on the side of the road with a taste for kiddie stew could reach inside and steal ya away. OR... the most in-demand model in the universe could inadvertently jump into the back of your vehicle while you're parked, all without so much as a "howdoyoudo."

The latter is reportedly what happened this past weekend in London, when Cara Delevingne hopped into a random car she'd mistaken for a taxi. According to EntertainmentWise, Delevingne was leaving a photo shoot with Nick Knight in Knightsbridge (how fitting!) when, distracted by a phone call, she climbed into a stranger's backseat. Snaps of the incident show her jabbering away in full makeup as the car's driver looks on bewildered, shortly before realizing her flub. (The driver was supposedly a fan of Delevingne who'd been hoping to spy her on the scene anyway, so we can only assume the exchange was pleasant in nature.)

Who knew picking up a supermodel was so easy?

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