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Dissecting the Awesomeness of Kate Spade Saturday's Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

Need. Everything.
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It's true: Kate Spade's one-year-old sister line, Kate Spade Saturday, really does just keep getting better. Every time I've gone into that store, I've seen something I wanted needed to own. And next summer, when this collection hits stores, will be no exception. How do I love thee Kate Spade Saturday Pre-Fall? Let me count the ways...

The accessories are perfect. While it's not that hard to find affordable accessories, it's difficult to find any that look as good (i.e. expensive) as Kate Spade Saturday's. The shoes and handbags are key here. Those striped espadrilles? Essential. The low wooden-heeled sandal with criss-cross leather straps? Also essential. The small sage green bucket bag? Perfection.

The color palette is exactly what I'm going to need at the end of the summer. I have the feeling that in the next six months, I'll already be over pastels (since they started popping up at the beginning of fall). So it's refreshing to see this practically pastel-free range. The colors are almost deliberately ugly, but it somehow works and feels new.

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Crop tops are here to stay -- tasteful ones, that is. I've been hesitant about buying crop tops because I worry that as soon as I buy one, they'll stop being cool. Here's a sign that they're here to stay -- and don't have to give off that slutty hipster vibe.

Monochromatic dressing that people can actually pull off. I've generally been afraid to rock a monochromatic outfit for fear of looking like an insane person. The orange look, however, I can do. And you can too! Really, you can. Ditto the pale pink dress with matching bag. Maybe.

Cool, abstract prints. Another thing I think we'll all be a little tired of come summer: cutesy novelty prints (cats, eyes, etc.). These more abstract prints are a welcome, and much more timeless, departure from that.

Browse the full look book below.