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Everything You Need to Know About Beyoncé's Visual Album Looks

A compendium of fashion tidbits from the stylists behind the project.

It's been almost a week since Beyoncé dropped her surprise album of the same name, which means we're finally beginning to learn the ins and outs of how this project was able to go down in secret.

We're also learning a lot more about the fashion. For the 17 new videos created, Beyoncé employed five stylists, including her personal go-to, Ty Hunter. The others involved were B. Ackerlund, Lysa Cooper, Karen Langley and Marni Senofonte, who all featured a wide range of vintage, designer and contemporary pieces in their respective shoots.

The team behind the project has talked to a number of major media outlets about their work on Beyoncé, and we've picked out the best tidbits about her video fashion from around the Web. Read on to get the stories behind your favorite looks from Queen Bey's new album.

"Pretty Hurts," styled by B. Akerlund: "Beyoncé’s entrance onto the pageant stage in 'Pretty Hurts,' [stylist B.] Akerlund selected a pair of vintage 1920s bunny ears because, she thought, they 'brought some sense of innocence to her character.'" {The New York Times}

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"Pretty Hurts," styled by B. Akerlund: "In another scene, the star exercises in a We Are Handsome print bodysuit under a gold, padlocked brace corset (O.K., by Dolce & Gabbana). 'There’s nothing more soothing than a metal corset when you’re working out,' Ms. Akerlund said dryly." {The New York Times}

"Yoncé," "Pretty Hurts," styled by Karen Langley: "I wanted to do something sexy and provocative, but not so overt... When [stylist Karen Langley] brought out that Tom Ford for YSL molded bodysuit with the pierced nipples, I was like, 'No way that B is going to wear this.' And she did and looked incredible. She’s open. I’ve never worked with anyone that is more willing to try new things." {The Cut}

"Drunk in Love," styled by Lysa Cooper: "She was supposed to wear three different outfits. But when Jay Z saw her outfit, he said [to her], 'you're wearing that the whole time.' She looked so banging there was no need to change. She's wearing an Eres bathing suit, Wendy Nicohl dress and all the jewelry is by Jennifer Fisher. The Eres piece is vintage, it's actually my bathing suit from the '90s." {The Hollywood Reporter}

"Blow," styled by Lysa Cooper: "That long, crazy, neon tiger-print coat is from Versace -- that coat really made the video." {The Hollywood Reporter}

"XO," styled by Lysa Cooper: "That's the one shot by Terry Richardson and in Coney Island. It took a long time because that was a night shoot, and plus, we did that in real time with a real crowd. Those are real fans. It was impactful." {THR}

Beyoncé keeps it casual -- and shows local designers some love -- in a T by Alexander Wang tank, a Gypsy Warrior bra, Genevieve Jones jewelry and a Notorious B.I.G. hat from Urban Outfitters. {EW}