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Gauchos Are Back: The Wide and Short of It

Gauchos are all over Pre-Fall 2014.

Every few seasons, it seems like some "new" silhouette catches on (usually something from another era that hasn't been popular for years). At first, it looks totally wrong and outdated. But then, something magical happens -- your eyes adjust and all you want to do is wear previously sworn off item (such is the persuasive siren song of fashion).

Most recently, it was the midi-skirt, and now it's '70s-looking gauchos. Several designers have already shown the high-waisted, billowy legged trousers -- loosely derived from the dress of South American cowboys -- for Pre-Fall. Proenza Schouler did buttery soft leather and suede versions, which sparked the initial -- and ongoing -- office debate about if these pants are too difficult to wear. (To the commenter who facetiously asked if they were made of fly paper or barbed wire-- touché.) Rebecca Taylor crafted a version from jaunty chambray, and Alexander Wang and Giorgio Armani produced office-ready gray numbers.

What about you, are you into them? What would you wear on top? Shoes? Tell us, we need to start planning asap.

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