Sometimes a gift of perfume can feel a bit uninspired. It's easy to run out at the last minute and grab your sister/best friend/mom a bottle and call it a holiday. But there's a way to give fragrance without looking like the last-minute gift shopper you secretly are.

We've pulled together a bunch of options for every woman in your life, from the fancy to the frazzled.

For the woman who takes great pride in knowing about every single designer collaboration, no matter how obscure:

"Oh, this old thing? Tucker for Target!" Sound familiar? Then get the collab-loving lady in your life one of these gorgeous limited-edition fragrances from Frederic Malle. The brand partnered with Liberty of London to celebrate its five year anniversary with the store. Each scent is packaged in an archival Liberty print that complements each of the 18 fragrances in the collection.

For the quirky woman who is also secretly fancy:

Know anyone who wears a vintage turban with a classic Cartier tank? This is the fragrance for her. Loyal Marni enthusiasts (or those trying to get a piece of Marni without the sticker shock) will also appreciate this perfume. The delicious and difficult-to-classify fragrance is getting a blingy makeover for the holidays. Only 300 limited-edition bottles were hand-painted in a metallic gold tone. The signature graphic dots are left transparent for an overall stunning effect.

Marni Metallic Eau de Parfum, $255

For the artist with a trust fund:

The dishy Greg Lauren (nephew of Ralph), took his luxe, recycled aesthetic and turned it into a limited-edition fragrance, which is one of my faves this season. Lauren, a former artist, takes vintage military gear, paints it, and sells it to a well-heeled crowd. This is the perfume version of his clothes. Each bottle features a different paint splash and comes with a military green dust bag. The scent, heavy on the vanilla, is intoxicating.

Greg Lauren Eau de Parfum for Barneys New York, $195

For the woman who would never wear a Taylor Swift scent:

Taylor Swift and Rihanna sit on opposite ends of the pop star badass spectrum. There's nothing wrong with Swift's fragrances, but this new offering from Rihanna hits all the right notes. The rose gold and faux shagreen packaging look luxe, and the juice smells rich -- perfume nerds even liked it.

Rihanna Rogue Bracelets Gift Set, $49

For the woman who loves horticulture:

For the woman who has a bouquet of fresh flowers in her apartment at all times, this is her brand. All of NEST's fragrances are flowery, right down to the packaging, which was inspired by the botanical art of Mary Granville Pendarves Delany, an 18th century artist and poet.

NEST Fragrances, $65

For the multitasking woman who is completely frazzled and has no time to spritz a real perfume:

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These essential oil rollerballs will get your constantly-freaking-out friend through every drama in her life, while also making her smell great. The kit includes remedies for headache, sleep, passion, and focus. They can be layered, too, in case you need some, say, "passionate focus."

21 Drops Quick Fix Gift Set, $15

For the woman who scoffs at anything gimmicky and only wears the classics:

Platform sneakers? Peplums? No, she would never. So don't even think about getting her a unisex gourmand scent, either. She's all about the classics. This Chanel No. 5 set comes with an eau de parfum spray, a body lotion and a bath gel.

Chanel No. 5 Limited Edition Trio Set, $148

For the woman who's always nostalgic for the '80s:

In the late '80s, Calyx originally debuted under the Prescriptives label. The citrus/green/floral hybrid was one of the hottest perfumes on the market and it was like nothing available at the time. The cult fave fragrance went under the radar for a bit and has now been rebranded under the Clinique label (Estee Lauder owns both Clinique and Prescriptives) with the exact same juice inside.

Clinique Calyx, $52 to $69

For the girliest girl on your list:

Everything about this gift set is pretty. Your girly girl will have fun playing with 10 different scents, all packaged in a vintage-y tin.

Tocca Meet the Girls Gift Set, $62

For the perfume snob who also has one of those mirrored trays to display her bottles:

Creed has been making scents for royals and Kennedys for decades. Perfume snobs collect and horde it. This one contains rare ingredients from all over Europe and will make your recipient feel like a princess. Plus the opaque, white bottle has a satisfying heft to it, not to mention that irresistible silver bow.

Creed Love in White, $275

For the woman who also wants everything in the Neiman Marcus fantasy holiday catalog:

This $35,000 limited-edition perfume comes packaged in a music box featuring a Baccarat chandelier. Yes. And did I mention it costs $35,000? (Full fascinating story here.) But hurry! They only made 15 of these.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Limited Edition Féérique, $35,000