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Girls Gets Glam for Season Three

The countdown to Jan. 12 is on.

Our countdown has officially begun for the third season of HBO's Girls, which returns to the small screen on Jan. 12. When the trailer hit the web a week and a half ago, the first thing we noticed was, of course, the fashion -- more specifically, a lizard t-shirt by Toy Syndrome -- and the same goes for the just-released teaser poster for the new season. The above image is making the rounds online, and it seems that Girls is going glam in its third year.

Jessa, Marnie, Hannah and Shoshanna are decked out in decidedly un-Brooklyn ball gowns and jewels, although Jessa does pair hers with combat boots. This is likely the most "uptown" we'll ever see the ladies look, and even Adam and Ray are looking more dapper than ever. (Adam Driver did get some practice in the September issue of Vogue.) The show's beloved costume designer Jenn Rogien -- who was not involved in the poster shoot -- is known for how authentic she keeps the 20-something characters looking on the show, but we can't help but wonder if the girls are in for a glamorous makeover in the upcoming episodes.

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