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Girls' Zosia Mamet Explains Her Red Carpet Philosophy

She may have landed on TIME's worst-dressed list this year, but we love that Mamet takes risks and champions younger, up-and-coming designers.
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She may have landed on TIME's worst-dressed list (and maybe a few others) this year, but Zosia Mamet -- aka Shosh on Girls -- is set on growing her fashion profile. And, in the process, maybe distancing herself from her high-strung, innocent TV character along the way.

This month, for instance, she nabbed the cover of ASOS Magazine. The print and online publication, which you can browse for free on the British high street retailer's site, may not seem like the biggest piece of evidence pointing to sartorial stardom (it's not exactly Vogue). But if you look back at some of its previous cover stars -- most of whom went on to become major tastemakers -- you'll see that it kind of is. Chloe Moretz, Blake Lively, Zoe Kravitz, Lily Collins, Mischa Barton, Elizabeth Olsen and Lea Seydoux are just a few examples. Mamet was also a front-row fixture during this past New York Fashion Week.

Personally, we love that Mamet takes risks with her red carpet choices (even if some of them are a little odd) and champions younger, up-and-coming labels like Honor and Rebecca Minkoff. The latter was present earlier this week at a dinner we attended, hosted by ASOS, to fete Mamet's new cover. Mamet and Minkoff, who sat across from each other, appeared to be genuine friends. And it turns out that's kind of how Mamet decides what to wear on the red carpet. She says she uses a stylist "every once in a while," but really likes to be involved. "And I'm close with a lot of designers that I love to wear, so most of it is me calling them up being like, 'Hey can we find something?'" Mamet told us. "That's my favorite way of doing it. It feels the most fun and the most comfortable that way. I like wearing people I know."

As for any sort of rules or philosophy she abides by when getting dressed for fancy events? It has to be "comfortable" and "fun." Fair enough.

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It's also probably not ever going to be very Shoshanna-y. When asked if there's any crossover between her character's style and her own, Mamet simply shook her head (one that, it should be noted, was flowing with very un-Shoshanna-like loose waves).

So what does season three hold for Shosh? Mamet said her style is "growing up a little bit, but it's still very much Shoshanna." Then she added that the character is "a little bit strugglefest" in the beginning of the season, which is a fun new word. "I think everybody's having some growing pains this season, and that'll make for entertaining television." So will the insane hair styles, which show no sign of waning if this trailer is any indication.