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Gisele Bundchen Is the Most Gorgeous (and Lucky) Breastfeeding Mom Ever

Here's an Instagram photo that's bound to inspire a few reactions.
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Here's an Instagram photo that's bound to inspire a few reactions.

The highest-paid supermodel of 2012, Gisele Bundchen, posted a photo of herself Tuesday breastfeeding her one-year-old daughter Vivienne while simultaneously getting her hair, makeup and nails done. Meanwhile, her facial expression is surprisingly serene, her eyes closed as if she's catching a quick nap. Hopefully, she wasn't unconscious (since she's holding a baby) -- though she does admit in the caption that she was running on three hours of sleep. And she has been pretty crazy busy this year.

I've never breastfed, nor have I seen anyone doing so on my own Instagram feed, but it seems like the kind of thing I'd hear my friends complaining about: "So-and-so keeps posting breastfeeding selfies! Unfollow!"

This is kind of an amazing photo, though. And I'm sure it means a lot to moms who breastfeed that someone so glamorous and famous is proud to do it publicly. Actually, Bundchen has taken a strong stance on breastfeeding in the past as well. “I think breastfeeding really helped (me keep me figure),” she told Harper's Bazaar in 2010 after having her son, Benjamin. “Some people here (in the US) think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?’ I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”

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Which, granted, is a little preachy and extreme, but I guess if anyone can make a worldwide law happen, it may as well be Gisele Bundchen.

It's also worth noting that most moms don't have glam squads to make them look pretty while they breastfeed. As a real mom opined on Tuesday, "Yes, Gisele is breastfeeding her child like millions of women do every day. But the circumstances surrounding that act for Gisele are unfortunately anything but common."

What's your take on Bundchen's glam breastfeeding Instagram moment?