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H&M Didn't Pay Lady Gaga Half a Million Dollars for Her Times Square Appearance

It's a juicy rumor, though.
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We can't say we don't look forward to the New York Post's fashion-centered broadsheet, Alexa, for its juicy industry gossip. We also can't say it's always accurate.

One of the most intriguing items from the latest issue said Lady Gaga demanded half a million dollars for her appearance at H&M's recent Times Square store opening -- itself a big promotion for her own album, which people aren't exactly lining up to buy. "She only stayed for an hour and 40 minutes, which means she raked in about $5,000 a minute," wrote columnist Stephanie Smith. Chances are guests, most of whom showed up just to catch a glimpse of their favorite pop star -- or shop Isabel Marant for H&M -- weren't quite spending at that rate.

It seems the report is as ridiculous as it sounds. H&M confirmed to us that the numbers are incorrect, declining to comment further on the details of its partnership with Gaga. Of course, we doubt Gaga made the appearance out of the goodness of her heart, and we're sure her compensation wasn't paltry. She admitted to going bankrupt in 2011 following her Monster Ball Tour, and those $9,500 airport outfits aren't going to buy themselves. Her new Versace contract should help, too.

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