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How to Make Sure You Get the Gold Jewelry on Your Wish List This Year

Consider it a high-tech version of a verbal hint.

Sure, socks are cozy. Another sweater would be…nice. But fact: getting the gift of jewelry is so much better. The right gold piece can become an indispensable part of your signature style -- especially when it’s the exact one that’s been on your radar. Asking for it outright might feel a bit too forward ... a hint, on the other hand, is a whole other story. Think of it as helpful advice for the people who love you, but can’t read your mind. That’s why the team at LoveGold is making it easy to let someone know what you really want. Visit the website for an edited choice of jewelry from a global lineup of designers, both established names and rising stars. There you’ll find options like the ultimate, never-take-them-off gold hoops from Lana Jewelry, an updated take on the love knot necklace by Kimberly McDonald and super cute arrow stud earrings from Me & Ro -- plus a lot more options that will fly to the top of your most-wanted list. Click on your favorite piece of jewelry at, then hint for it using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Tag someone on the post who wants to be sure you love your holiday gift, and add the hashtag #HintingSeason to the message. And just to improve your odds of getting a dreamy gold jewel, there’s an online contest you can enter, too.

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