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Kate Middleton Wore a $35 Zara Necklace

...and it's still available to purchase.
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Kate Middleton looked her usual perfect self last night at the eerily-timed Royal premiere of the new biopic Mandela in London (attendees reportedly learned of the former South Africa president's death at age 95 during the screening). Ugh, this woman. We'd hate her if she weren't so gosh darn likeable.

For the red carpet event, the Duchess re-wore a cream-colored Roland Mouret gown she had just lying around the palace, accessorized with one of those super-sparkly necklaces you see wealthy men dramatically putting around women's necks in jewelry stores in every old movie ever.

Actually though, the necklace was from Zara! It's only $35.90!! And it's still available for purchase -- yes, even to commoners!!! Online only (though, according to What Kate Wore, "a Boston Zara still has a good supply of the necklaces"). Want to play Pretty Pretty Princess: Adult Edition? Buy it here.

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