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To Discuss: The Hand-Painted Birkin That Kanye West Got Kim Kardashian for Christmas

The Instagram comments say it all, really.

Kim Kardashian wasted no time in taking to Instagram to show off her daughter North West's designer (and probably obscenely expensive) Christmas goodies this year, and the same goes with gifts of her own, apparently.

Her fiancé Kanye West -- who proposed to her with a diamond that reportedly cost $2 million earlier this year -- wasn't satisfied with buying her a present right off the rack, and gave her a Birkin bag adorned (ruined?) with a painting he commissioned from George Condo.

The American artist, who created the cover art for West's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, covered the Hermés bag -- which already retails for well over $10K -- with an original artwork, featuring a few nude ladies and what looks to be a monster. Condo has sold paintings for over $1 million in the past, so Kardashian might be the owner of one of the most expensive bags in history.

While Kardashian was snapped with her bag on Thursday looking thrilled (we mustn't forget, she uses a plain Birkin as a diaper bag for North), the general public feels differently. Commenters on Kardashian's Instagram post all seem to have the same general sentiment about the bag: they hate it. Choice adjectives used in the feed include "horrific," "hideous," "awful," "disgusting," "vile," "tasteless" and "terrible."

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What do you think about West's one-of-a-kind Christmas gift? Also, following all of 2013's gross displays of wealth, could this signal the beginning of the West-Kardashian backlash?