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Land's End to Separate From Sears

The go-to school uniforms brand is still thriving.
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Land's End is one of those classic, preppy American brands that can always be relied upon for, say, a school uniform or decent, outdoor-ready coat.

Sears took control of the 50-year-old brand in 2002. Unsurprisingly, it's consistently been the best thing Sears has had going for it apparel-wise, as it's remained profitable while Sears has been losing money. On Friday, Sears announced plans to spin it back off into its own public company.

Edward Lampert, chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings Corp. and chairman of ESL Investments, which owns a 48.4% stake in Sears, made the move as a strategy to raise money for Sears, which is struggling to stay afloat on its own.

So what does this mean for Land's End? Chances are, there won't be any drastic changes. Lampert will still own 48.4% of Land's End and hold influence over the brand, and it will continue being sold in Sears stores. There are certainly opportunities for growth, though. A few years ago, Land's End launched a more fashion-forward collection called Canvas that could be ramped up a bit more. According to WWD, priorities include boosting digital operations and its uniform business. The trade states that 82% of Land's End's sales come from online and phone orders.

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