Where to Get Malia Obama's Mix 'n Match Sweater Dress

Sure, she's a decade my junior, but I still take style cues from Malia Obama.

The First Family got together for a holiday portrait over the weekend, and while some people were grumbling about Michelle Obama's super-expensive J. Mendel jacket (that she's worn on one previous occasion), I was way more excited about her eldest daughter Malia's ensemble: a fisherman sweater paired with a layered skirt. Or so I thought.

An astute commenter pointed out that Malia is actually wearing a UNIF dress from Urban Outfitters that retails for $160 and is available to buy online. Although 15-year-old Malia is more than a decade my junior, I am seriously considering taking a style cue from her and purchasing this dress right now.

Not only have I never met a fisherman sweater I didn't like, one of my favorite trends from the last few seasons is the pairing of a chunky knit with a floaty, feminine piece -- think the final looks from Derek Lam's Fall 2012 show. And while Malia always looks youthful in the outfits she chooses (or that someone chooses for her), she has a certain sophisticated, adult appeal that has me -- and the general public -- looking to her more and more for fashion inspiration.

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Sure, she's really young, but she's one of the few frequently photographed ladies whom we can count on to wear pieces that are both timeless and affordable -- at least relatively -- and once her looks are IDed, they swiftly sell out. For example, the magenta J. Crew coat she wore to her dad's inauguration in January was so popular that not only did it sell out, the retailer decided to retire that colorway.

Am I too old to be shopping Malia's closet, or at least thinking about it? Maybe. But while FLOTUS is already a bona fide American style icon, Malia Obama is well on her way.