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Mango Launching Plus-Size Line

The fashion industry has been disturbingly slow in catering to the plus size market -- but today brings another welcome addition to the landscape of brands offering clothing to style conscious ladies who don't fit the sample size mold.
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The fashion industry has been disturbingly slow in catering to the plus-size market -- but Monday brings another welcome addition to the landscape. Spanish retailer Mango has just announced the launch of Violeta, a new "brand expansion" targeting women sizes 40 to 52 (U.S. 8 to 20) set to debut in mid-January alongside the store's main-line spring collection. (Mango's traditional sizes top off at U.S. 16.)

Working off the tagline, "It suits me and I like it" (though, what exactly it is, we can't be sure), the new line promises youthful, high-quality fashion "for any moment of the day." Violeta's initial collection will include 400 pieces, both clothing and accessories, with new items added each month. And if the first preview photo, above left, is any indication, Violeta's offerings will be extremely flattering and curve friendly -- despite the fact that the model can't possibly be any larger than an 8.

There is some bummer news, though, for would-be American customers: Mango plans to introduce the plus-size line into its seven largest markets -- and unfortunately, the U.S. isn't one of them. Even online, Violeta will only be available in Europe, Turkey and Russia. But expansion does sound imminent: According to a release, Mango plans to have the new range featured in 100 stores by the end of 2014, as well as standalone Violeta stores, so, depending on its success, we'd imagine the U.S. market would be a natural next step. 'Til then, guess you'll just have yet another excuse to splurge on your next vacation to Paris or Barcelona...

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