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Miley Is Bare-Faced (and Barely Dressed) in New Video, Anna Wintour Thinks Christmas Trees Are "Too Messy"

Take a quick break from basking in the glow of all of your shiny new Christmas gifts to browse the best fashion news tidbits of the day.

Miley Cyrus debuted her new video for "Adore" today, and while we feel a bit uncomfortable watching her writhe around almost naked, we must say she looks really gorgeous with no makeup on. {Vevo}

In unsurprising holiday news, Anna Wintour threw out her family's tree the night before Christmas because it was "too messy." {Instagram}

Would you spend upwards of $600 on a fake handbag? High-quality "superfakes" are a new (and disturbing) trend in counterfeit goods. {ABC News}

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Neiman Marcus Group's men's fashion director, Matthew Singer, has resigned. {WWD, subscription required}

And the most retweeted tweet of 2013 goes to... Lea Michelle, who shared a picture of late boyfriend Cory Monteith taken two weeks before his untimely death. {Refinery29}

Here is a super-helpful guide to returning all of those Christmas gifts you don't want... without having to ask for the receipt. {Quartz}

Vivienne Westwood designed some gorgeous costumes for the Vienna State Ballet. {WWD}

If shopping isn't on your agenda for the day, maybe you should go ahead and add it: After-Christmas sales are expected to be bigger than ever this year. {Forbes}