Miley Is Bare-Faced (and Barely Dressed) in New Video, Anna Wintour Thinks Christmas Trees Are "Too Messy"

Take a quick break from basking in the glow of all of your shiny new Christmas gifts to browse the best fashion news tidbits of the day.
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Miley Cyrus debuted her new video for "Adore" today, and while we feel a bit uncomfortable watching her writhe around almost naked, we must say she looks really gorgeous with no makeup on. {Vevo}

In unsurprising holiday news, Anna Wintour threw out her family's tree the night before Christmas because it was "too messy." {Instagram}

Would you spend upwards of $600 on a fake handbag? High-quality "superfakes" are a new (and disturbing) trend in counterfeit goods. {ABC News}

Neiman Marcus Group's men's fashion director, Matthew Singer, has resigned. {WWD, subscription required}

And the most retweeted tweet of 2013 goes to... Lea Michelle, who shared a picture of late boyfriend Cory Monteith taken two weeks before his untimely death. {Refinery29}

Here is a super-helpful guide to returning all of those Christmas gifts you don't want... without having to ask for the receipt. {Quartz}

Vivienne Westwood designed some gorgeous costumes for the Vienna State Ballet. {WWD}

If shopping isn't on your agenda for the day, maybe you should go ahead and add it: After-Christmas sales are expected to be bigger than ever this year. {Forbes}