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Miley Cyrus and Her Pink Mohawk Cover Love

You know you Love it.
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Love has a knack for knowing who and what the fashion world is obsessing over at any given moment, and giving that person or thing its due on the magazine's biannual covers.

There was Issue 6 in 2011, which had a split run of teen talent cover stars, such as Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Moretz. There was Issue 8, featuring the Downton Abbey sisters. And Issue 9 with, of course, Cara Delevingne in a bathtub. Now, for Issue 11, Love has given us what we really wanted (admit it): Miley Cyrus, in all of her mohawk and ear tattoo (more on those later) glory.

Cyrus, who was shot by David Sims for the issue -- which hits newsstands in March -- is giving us an androgynous, punk-tinged vibe, and sporting a natural makeup look not unlike the one seen in her new "Adore You" video.

The choice to appear on Love is undoubtedly a strategic one for Cyrus. In a New York Times article last week, she addressed the rumors that her VMAs performance had cost her a Vogue cover. "I can’t say too much," she said. "But it was where I was kind of going to have to do this trade-off, and I wasn’t willing to. Right now, me doing any kind of cover for anything that’s like, a Seventeen or Teen Vogue or whatever, the way that I talk isn’t the way that people that are 17 really understand."

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So maybe she isn't right for Vogue just yet, but we think Love is a great fit for Miley to, well, just be Miley (case in point: this penis underwear Christmas video she did for the magazine) -- and we can't wait to see the rest of the editorial.