Oops. Beyonce Wore Fur to Eat at a Vegan Restaurant

We guess Christopher Kane is the one exception to Beyoncé's newfound veganism.

Yeesh. Beyonce made a major fashion faux pas yesterday... by not going faux. Just two days after husband Jay Z announced to the universe that the surnameless duo was going "completely vegan" until Christmas -- that is, no meat or animal by-products -- the generally flaw-free Bey decided to wear a real fur jacket made by recent BFA winner Christopher Kane.

According to Daily Mail, Beyzus wore the $4,000+ wool camouflage jacket with fox fur trim Thursday afternoon while mowing down on some greenery at LA vegan hotspot Native Foods Cafe. Presumably, she was hoping the coat's camo print would help her blend in to evade the paparazzi (HA HA HA) -- but all jokes aside, we're genuinely puzzled by her choice of attire for several reasons.

First off, it was 60 freaking degrees in LA yesterday, which, while chilly for LA standards, is hardly cause to wear a fur coat. Secondly, according to the jacket's item description, the fur collar is detachable. We have the technology, Bey -- USE IT! Thirdly, it's not like Beyonce just bought it and was OMG dying to show it off -- she wore it just recently on vacation (see blurry photo above for evidence). And there's the most obvious reason of all: She's wearing fur... in a VEGAN RESTAURANT.

OK, so we doubt Native Foods enforces any sort of dress code on its customers -- especially the most famous customers in all the land -- but doesn't this just seem a little inappropriate? And who knows what kind of downward spiral this could lead to: One day you're wearing fur to eat kale, the next, you're pouring dairy milk on your Cheerios. There are 19 long days left until Christmas, Bey. We wish you all the best.

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All we're saying is, this never would've happened if Bey were still being dressed full-time by House of Dereon. Where's Miss Tina when you need'a?

UPDATE: We didn't think it was possible, but Beyonce has managed to out-unvegan herself yet again by wearing an outfit made entirely of PEPPERONI PIZZA. If you can't eat it, wear it, we guess...