Awesome Pantene Ad Gets Endorsement From Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg

It's a must-watch.

A Pantene commercial from the Philippines is going viral today thanks to an endorsement from Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and author of the oft-referenced, lady-empowering book Lean In.

And it isn't because she's impressed by how unbreakable the models' hair appears to be (though we'll never tire of seeing models pulling her hair into a knot with zero resulting split ends). Instead, this ad has a lot more to say about being a strong woman -- in the workplace, specifically -- hence Sandberg's interest.

The clip powerfully illustrates how men and women in the workplace can behave in the same way and receive different labels for it. For example, a man is "persuasive," while a woman is "pushy." A well-dressed guy is "smooth," while a fashionable female is a "show-off."

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Post by Sheryl Sandberg.

It may not make much mention of the actual hair products, but the ad is more memorable than any beauty commercial I've seen recently. It's a bummer that it only runs in the Philippines, but, fortunately, thanks to the Internet, it's getting plenty of visibility here too. Here's hoping it ends up on next year's list of most-viewed beauty videos. Watch above.

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