Peter Som Would Like to Collaborate with Julia Child, Stays Fit Through 'Kale and Tears'

And those are just two of the tidbits we learned about the designer in our new column, in which we ply our favorite fashion people with drinks and let the conversation flow.

It’s no secret the fashion industry revolves around drinks. Need a meeting? Let’s open some bubbly. Bad day? Bar time. New shoes? Omg, champers! And some of the best stories and ideas really do get hatched out over a bottle or two. Which is why we’re bringing a little of the tipsy conversation to you with a new series we call "Cocktails With." A little silly, a little random and a little drunk (at least this reporter is), it’s a glimpse into fashion after hours. We start off with the one and only Peter Som at his holiday party, hosted in his amazing apartment. Peter is, of course, the host with the most. And the bottles of Moet were flowing.

First of all, what is your favorite cocktail? I like bubbly sometimes with a little St. Germain in it.

Was that what we were having earlier? I felt like I had something in mine. Yeah, you might pass out soon.

That's fine. I'm used to it. You might wake up without your liver.

I don't know if mine's going to be of much use. My organs are kind of gone. Have you met me? It's like a raisin right? [laughs]

I know you're really big into entertaining and holidays, what's been your biggest holiday party faux pas? A disaster perhaps? I spent all day making a cake that was 15 layers, and I misread one of the amounts. I think I over pepperminted it, so it literally came out tasting like cough drops. Literally, everyone started biting into it at the same time and I said, "Put it down, step away from the cake."

That's sad. It's just one of those things.

Have you ever met Martha Stewart? Because I think you and her would get along really well. I don't know if I have, no!

I feel you two need to hang out together and cook. When her first book, Entertaining, came out, my family and I were obsessed with it.

When are you doing your own book? Oh God.

Because everyone I know is obsessed with how much you cook and your entertaining. You need to do Peter Som Lifestyle. You know I love cooking, I love all this entertaining.

But you take it to a whole new level. Do I? I don't know that I do.

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Yeah! Anytime a publication is doing a recipe story, it's, "Call Peter!" Well it's all about lighting and a drink. Everything else just kind of happens.

A little off topic, what's been your favorite collection that you've done to date? I feel in some ways I always like my most recent collection. As designers, we're so hard on ourselves. So I want to say my last collection, I loved.

It was beautiful. Thank you.

If you could collaborate with anyone -- dead or alive -- even Martha, who would it be? Martha. No, I'm kidding. If I could collaborate with anyone, I would collaborate with...Julia Child. I would do a souffle with her or something. And I would have to restrain myself from doing an imitation of her voice.

So, are you looking forward to this whole new pared down Fashion Week? I feel like it's getting back to the core of what Fashion Week is. I think it's every designer's decision who to invite. I show at Milk Studios so.... I feel the industry is constantly changing -- the media and the way images are constantly shown -- so it makes sense to adapt.

OK, changing gears here. You are such a pinner. What's your favorite board right now? I will always love my board "Indigo, Girl!" Because blue is my favorite color.

I did not know that because, surprisingly, there's not that much blue in your apartment. No, I like neutrals in general. And I weirdly have a lot of green -- I don't know why. But my favorite is Indigo, girl.

I like that you're like, "girl." OK, the way you cook, how the hell do you stay in shape? Well, you know I love food, but you have to always keep things in balance. And I'm happy I live a block away from Equinox.

Are we going to get Peter Som's workout routine at some point? Um, it's kale and tears. [laughs]

You traveled a lot this year. Was there a favorite place you went to? Hong Kong. It's a fun city, it's easy to navigate, everyone is friendly and it has lots of great food.

And finally, what are you hoping to get for Christmas? Just a little peace and quiet.

And maybe a...? A pony. Just kidding. No, it sounds so cheesy but I feel I'm lucky and I have amazing friends and family.