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Planning the Perfect Holiday Party With Tommy Hilfiger

See what we'd wear, who we'd bring as dates, and, most importantly, what would be on the playlist.

All holiday parties are not created equal. While some of us may love gathering by the fire with a few close friends and a hot toddy, others crave a no-frills beer in an unheated loft packed with hundreds of revelers.

That's why, with the help of Tommy Hilfiger, a few of us put together three completely different agendas, based on our personal tastes. We even threw in our dream date picks, most of whom are fictional characters from movies or TV, but this is the season of wishes coming true, right?

Click through to get outfit ideas, drink suggestions and soundtrack tips.

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Tyler's Cozy Winter Wonderland Outfit: I love this V-neck sweater dress. The sequins are going to look incredible when they catch the light from the blazing fireplace. I'd pair it with chunky knit tights and a pair of flat brown boots -- like these. Dream Date: Nate Archibald -- OK, so he's not exactly real, but the Gossip Girl dreamboat prefers cozying up in the Catskills to drinking downtown, which is perfect for our winter wonderland date. Venue: A cabin in upstate New York. Drink: Homemade hot apple cider -- spiked, naturally, and preferably with some Goldschlager (the gold flakes just make it look richer!). Here's a good recipe. Soundtrack: No DJ, please -- just Vampire Weekend's self-titled album on repeat.

Lauren's Subdued Soiree Outfit: In lieu of a little black dress, I'd wear this navy jumpsuit with a bracelet (like this one) and black Manolo stilettos. It's dark, conservative and tasteful, but by no means conventional. Date: Harry Lloyd (in this blazer.) I developed a crush on him when he played a young Dennis Thatcher in Iron Lady -- which then became a very. serious. crush. after watching about 15 media interviews with him on YouTube. He's charming, thoughtful, well-educated and British -- need I say more? Venue: The Campbell Apartment in Grand Central. This is one of the most magical spots in New York City -- a beautifully decorated, old-world bar tucked inside New York's iconic train station. Drink: Champagne cocktail. Soundtrack: I'd play a mix of jazz and holiday classics -- Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Jane Monheit.

Stephanie's Downtown Rager Outfit: Since I seem to have a dress allergy, these metallic shorts will do nicely. Paired with a men's plaid shirt and opaque black tights, they'd look charmingly tomboyish in the vein of Alexa Chung. Date: Ryan Gosling from Drive. True, he probably wouldn't actually show up but rather camp out down the hall and give guests the stoney eye, but later he might sweetly come over and help clean up. Venue: Any loft in Brooklyn that could hold 100 people. Drink: A Scottish ale and Diet Coke (separately). Soundtrack: "I Wish It Was Christmas Today" by Julian Casablancas and "We Are Your Friends" from Justice vs. Simian -- that always gets people dancing.