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Rihanna Flaunts Holiday Gifts From Fashion Designers on Instagram

In case you were wondering how she looks "phresh out the runway" all the time.

We all know that subtlety is not Rihanna's strong suit, which is why we weren't surprised when the singer-slash-designer took to Instagram on Monday night to show off the piles of holiday gifts she's received from a number of prestigious fashion houses.

Rihanna, who has her own line for River Island and a wildly successful MAC collaboration, received hand-written notes and personalized presents from the likes of McQ Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Prada and Opening Ceremony. To make her holidays just a bit sweeter, the Mulleavy sisters made her a custom Rodarte outfit, and Donatella Versace gifted her a bag from the yet to be released Spring 2014 collection.

Celebrities flaunting their designer swag over social media is nothing new -- remember when Kim Kardashian posted photo after photo of baby North West's designer gifts? -- and while it's lovely that Rihanna is giving the brands shout outs to thank them for their generosity, we can't quite tell if this is a gesture to take the place of thank you notes or just an excuse to show off.

See the best of Rihanna's holiday haul below (hat tip: The Telegraph).

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