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Nicole Richie's Sister Sofia Lands First Commercial Modeling Gig

She looks pretty hot, but she's only 15 so we feel a little weird saying that.
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Fans of Nicole Richie's awesome web series, Candidly Nicole, probably noticed her tall, gorgeous little sister, Sofia Richie. Or perhaps you spotted her chilling with fellow famous offspring Kendall and Kylie Jenner. (We knew they all hung out together.) Or, you may have caught her feature in Teen Vogue last fall, where she showed off some decent modeling skills for the first time.

Well, now little Richie is moving forward with that modeling career, it seems. She stars in the look book for a new Los Angeles-based swimwear line, Mary Grace Swim, which also happens to be pretty cute as well as functional: All of the swimsuits are reversible.

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Richie looks amazing, but we have to admit it's a pretty sexy shoot for a 15-year-old. Vogue's Health Initiative proponents wouldn't be pleased. We also wonder what dad Lionel thinks -- think he's as supportive as Bruce Jenner was of Kendall's recent nipple-revealing shoot? Is this a creepy question? Click through the gallery for the rest of the look book. Perhaps Richie will be modeling for one of her big sister's fashion lines pretty soon.