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Stephanie's Fuzzy, Grunge-Inspired Sweater

I need a piece that expresses my (designer) apathy.

Lately, all I've wanted to do is swath myself in '90s-inspired sweaters that have a lot of texture (although I'm pretty sure no one who was actually into grunge would ever utter words like "texture," or "swath").

No matter, this is a fancier version of those wonderfully fluffy knits that Kurt Cobain wore. While it's got the same fantastic texture, moody color palette -- the black-flecked burgundy is striking -- and features extra-long, tuggable sleeves, the shape's got a sophisticated cling to it. Which is fantastic, because oversized, boxy things just make me look like a football player (maybe one on a women's team, but a football player nonetheless). Sold.

A.L.C. wool-mohair blend pullover, $285, available at Stylebop.

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