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Stephanie's Garance Doré-Approved Bracelet

I recently spent some time with the endlessly stylish photographer (more on that later), and she was wearing the gold version. As soon as I saw it, it was game over.

I shop off people. If you've spent any time around me, you have most certainly fielded my "Where is that from?" questions. It's almost like I have to do a full clothing-credit rundown before we can talk about anything else. Which is kind of a problem, as some individuals may find this gauche and imposing. But let me tell you -- it has definitely led to some of the best pieces in my wardrobe.

Cut to this past Tuesday, when I spent some time with Garance Doré. It was for a story, so certainly I should have been focusing on the assignment. However, all I could see was this wonderful glint of gold on her wrist as she thoughtfully answered my questions. The bracelet was fabulous -- a minimalist cuff with the daintiest of chains attached to either side, with inlayed screw-shaped heads that added some toughness.

Finally, at the end of our chat, I asked Doré where it was from. The answer? Ina Beissner, a German-based jeweler whom I probably should have known about already. But the important part is that now I do. Wait, no, the important part is now I know where to get the damn thing, which I am doing in silver (even I have limits when it comes to buying off people -- a different colorway counts).

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"Celadine" cuff, approximately $393, available at Ina Beissner.