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Street Style: Model Irsa Redefines Cool in Vintage and Mary Katrantzou

We all know how terrible smoking is for your health, but ugh! Bad-girl Irse makes it look so cool with her vintage cigarette.

Name: Irsa Cisse

What do you do? I'm a model.

Which hair products did you use to get this look? I just use L'Oréal Elnett hairspray. That's it.

Is there one designer or celebrity whose style you love and clothes are completely your style? I love Victoria Beckham's designs and style. I was lucky to have been able to work with her in the past.

What was it like working with her? She was very, very nice and I learned a lot by just watching her. I love her style and just really admire her.

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What do you think it is that sets French women apart from the rest of the world regarding style and beauty? I think it's about eating healthy. French women eat well and I believe this is really the base of beauty.

What are you wearing? An Asos purse, Mary Katrantzou bag, Levi's shirt, shoes from France and an Asos scarf.

Photos by Ashley Jahncke

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