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The 12 Best Pajamas to Wear While Riding Out Your Holiday Hangover

Because, let's be real, you're not leaving that couch for a while.
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You're about to settle in to unwrap the presents and empty the stockings -- perhaps along with a bottle (or three) of vino.

Which means you're facing a week of either lazily hanging around with family or Real Housewives marathoning your way through a hangover (we've all been there!). Don't fuss with getting back into those skinny jeans just yet -- that's what New Year's resolutions are for, after all! -- and use this time to stay in your PJs all day.

Still, that doesn't have to mean your usual sloppy sweats. Whether you're cozied up by a fire or lounging near a tropical beach, there are super cute loungewear options here that take things up a notch.

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