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The Cut Is Moving to Print

Find out what to expect from the new New York's expanded fashion section.
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As you may have heard, there was some sad news today in the world of weeklies. New York Magazine announced that it would be reducing its frequency from weekly to biweekly to cut costs.

According to the New York Times, the frequency cut is going to save the magazine about $3.5 million, to then be invested into digital, which is seeing more rapid growth. However, with this change comes an exciting development for New York's fashion coverage -- there will actually be more of it in print than ever before, with a new section dubbed The Cut -- drawing upon New York's website property of the same name.

We chatted with New York's fashion director Amy Larocca and The Cut's editorial director Stella Bugbee, who was able to tell us a bit more about what to expect from the revamped magazine's new fashion section, and why this is happening.

Larocca says she and New York's fashion team, along with The Cut's staff, started building a prototype for a six-page The Cut print section six months ago. While it's too soon to say specifically what will be in the new version, set to debut next March, Larocca says The Cut will be similar to the magazine's other sections, just with a focus on fashion. We will see "elements that exist" on The Cut "reimagined as print features." This could vary issue to issue, both she and Bugbee say, with some issues featuring more news-based stories, and others featuring more photographic elements, including a “Life in Pictures" feature, which may also make its way into other sections of the magazine.

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Bugbee says that the print section is "really exciting for some of the stuff we do on The Cut in terms of photography," allowing them a different format to show fashion editorials in. Staffing-wise, this means we will see The Cut's online staffers contributing more to print, including Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Robin Givhan. While The Cut will be making a couple of new hires -- a beauty writer and a "Love and War" blogger -- they will be to beef up the print side.

Six pages is a lot more space than the magazine previously dedicated to fashion: Before, every third issue would have four fashion pages. There were also, and will continue to be, two fashion issues, which are each about twice the size of a regular issue, per year. The next one is due out Feb. 8.

Larocca said the decision to expand fashion coverage was "more of a decision across the whole company." And we have the popularity of New York's existing fashion coverage to thank. "We've done well with fashion, and people want more." And as the Times pointed out, luxury and fashion advertisers probably want more of it, too.