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'Hipster,' 'Grunge' Among Tumblr's Most Popular Fashion Tags

Is Tumblr really a legitimate gauge for what's trending in fashion?
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As far as fashion inspiration platforms go, Tumblr seems to have recently taken a backseat to Pinterest. At least, we aren't talking about it as much -- and brands seem less focused on it -- but that doesn't mean people aren't still using it.

Tumblr just released its first-ever year in review, which includes the most reblogged fashion and style "trends," which are basically tags. Interestingly, they're not particularly high-fashion terms, or words you might hear much within the industry. For instance, "chic" didn't make the list. Neither did "peplum," or "neoprene."

No, the terms were just a bit more...Tumblr-y. Think "pastel," "hipster" (seen above), "swag" and "pastel grunge," which we're probably most disturbed by. They're more like vague themes and concepts than fashion terms or trends. They're probably a better gauge of what makes for a good, shareable image than what is trending in fashion at the moment.

Check out the full list below.

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