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The Ugly Christmas Sweater of the Future Is Here and It's Spectacular

Brings a whole new meaning to having "fire in the belly," dunnit?
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Remember those sweatshirts that played music when you touched them? Or the Hypercolor tees that changed pigments depending on body heat? Well the next generation of clothing created to get you to second base with strangers (and fast!) has arrived -- and just in time for Ugly Sweater Party -- aka Christmas -- season.

A company called Digital Dudz is behind these brilliant new wearables, which feature a windowy, pocket-like space for holding your smartphone. Simply download the corresponding app (a roaring fire perhaps, or maybe a carol-singing kitteh a la Miley Cyrus), pop it in the pocky, and voila! Your objectively ugly/beautiful sweater is instantly way more incredible and impressive and technologically advanced than the rest of the room's.

Just be extra careful not to tummy-dial your ex while that cutie in the Santa hat is poking your fireplace. Ugh BEEN THERE.

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(Cheers for the tip, Jezebel ♥)