Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Drama, Harry Styles Becomes a Style Icon, Kate Moss Does Playboy

What a week!

Would You Stop Shopping?: Some fashion editors are doing a "shopping fast" -- see if it's something you would try.

'Tis the Season: The best part of the holidays in NYC? The stunning window displays. We've rounded up some of the best from Bergdorf's, Barneys, and more.

The Online Safe Haven for $50K Handbags: Find out how PurseForum became the phenomenon that it is today with this behind-the-scenes look at the site.

Benefit Cosmetics Cracks China: We got the scoop on how the brand broke into the notoriously difficult Chinese market.

Changes at New York Magazine: The beloved publication may be moving to a bi-weekly format, but the change means great things for fashion outlet The Cut.

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