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Vogue's Top 10 Models of 2013

Campbell even managed to knock Karlie Kloss off her pedestal. Other important findings: There is, sadly, only one woman of color on this list, along with a single teenager...can you guess?
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"[H]ere I am on the front of the magazine. It's bizarre and so flattering. I mean, why pick me? It's just ridiculous," said Edie Campbell of her first ever Vogue cover this past April. But, if we may be so bold, the more ridiculous choice would have been not to include Edie, a model on the rise who just took home the British Fashion Award for Model of the Year and is this year's top Vogue model.

One must be multi-talented to be a top model in Vogue. It is not enough to simply appear in the magazine, those appearances must be of top quality. Who photographed them? Was she the only model in the editorial? What edition was it for? How many pages did she appear on? How many covers did she land? There are plenty of factors to take into account, and when we tallied it all up, Edie excelled at every one of them.

Edie is not as new to the game as one might think. With her privileged fashion lineage (daughter of former British Vogue fashion editor Sophie Hicks, goddaughter of Condé Nast executive Nicholas Coleridge), Edie made sporadic appearances in Vogue and Burberry Prorsum campaigns starting in 2005 (she was in braces for her first Burberry campaign) and was championed by photographer Mario Testino at an early age. It wasn't until the past few years that her career really picked up steam, working for Steven Meisel, opening Marc Jacobs' final show for Louis Vuitton and landing coveted campaigns like Lanvin, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen.

It was also a big year for Edie's coif, an element that can make or break a career. Who knew that going from long Penelope Tree-inspired hair and bangs to a black mullet would have such a positive reaction? No really, who would have guessed that? Fortunately, after the chop, people stopped pigeonholing her as a '60s girl, and the new style gave her the edge that every top model needs.

So who else made the list? Much like our cover analysis this year, Holland and the U.K. are well represented, with three models a piece, while only four models returned from last year's list. Can you guess who they are? Click through to find out.

1. Edie Campbell, 23, England, DNA Models 2012 ranking: -- ranking: #9 Editions: Germany, Italy, Paris, UK, U.S. Covers: 5

Knocking Karlie Kloss off her U.S. Vogue pedestal is a feat in itself, something Edie managed this year and then some. And frequently working with Steven Meisel and David Sims meant cover time for Italian Vogue (she had three), as well as good exposure in Vogue Paris. And how's this for impressive? A whopping 95 percent of Edie's work this year was for the top four Vogue editions -- U.S., UK, Paris and Italy.

2. Karlie Kloss, 21, U.S.A., IMG 2012 ranking: #1 ranking: #7, Money Girls (#28) Editions: Australia, Brazil, Japan, Paris, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, U.S. Covers: 7

What Vogue list would be complete without Karlie Kloss? Although she fell to second both overall and in the U.S. edition tally (though Edie was a tough act to beat), Karlie's work this year included a lot to be proud of. Kloss is also another example of what a haircut can do for a model's career (that bob!), not that Karlie needed a lot of help to begin with. She worked with some of the best photographers and excelled above all others in that most important category -- the single girl editorial. Those seven original covers she landed didn't hurt, either.

3. Anja Rubik, 30, Poland, Next 2012 ranking: #11 ranking: Industry Icons, Money Girls (#20) Editions: Germany, Japan, Mexico, Paris, Russia, Spain, Turkey, U.S. Covers: 5

When not designing capsule collections for Giuseppe Zanotti or acting as editor in chief of her own magazine, 25, Anja somehow finds the time to model for Vogue at an alarming rate. With the highest page count of the top 10, she globe-trotted her way through eight editions and five covers. She also had the devotion of Vogue Paris editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt, being the edition's most featured model this year.

4. Joan Smalls, 25, Puerto Rico, IMG 2012 ranking: #7 ranking: #1, Money List (#21) Editions: Brazil, Japan, Korea, Paris, Russia, Spain, U.S. Covers: 5

Joan Smalls can put 2013 down as yet another banner year. The Estée Lauder, H&M, Versace and "Yoncé" video (!!!) model is finally getting the Vogue work befitting the No. 1 ranked model in the world. The past few years have seen Joan in the top 10, though never in the top five, due to a lack of single girl editorials and low page numbers. We're happy to report that this is no longer the case, with impressive work in Vogue Brazil, Paris, and of course, the U.S.

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And it really must be said, thank goodness for Joan. She is the only non-white model in the top 20. Although that's not entirely a comforting thought.

5. Andreea Diaconu, 22, Romania, IMG 2012 rank: -- rank: #21 Editions: China, Italy, Japan, Paris, Spain, UK, U.S. Covers: 2

Andreea may be new to the Vogue list this year (with a debut in the top five, no less), but the Romanian model has been around for ages, in model years at least. The 22-year-old has been working since 2006, and who says that persistence doesn't pay off? Like Anja Rubik, Andreea spent a lot of time in Vogue Paris, even managing to land a cover for the June/July issue. With bookings in every high caliber edition and an impressive photographer list, we expect this Gucci and Ralph Lauren model to enjoy a fruitful 2014.

6. Sam Rollinson, 19, England, Women 2012 rank: -- rank: #15 Editions: China, Italy, Paris, Russia, Spain, UK Covers: --

Sam Rollinson, without a doubt, made the biggest leap in the list for 2013. With only one previous Vogue credit to her name, the only teenager in the top 10 is also is the only model without a cover -- though this didn't seem to slow her down much. It's been quite the year for Britain, as Vogue UK has a history of supporting its native models (Kate Moss, anyone?), and Sam is the second of the three nominees for the British Fashion Awards' Model of the Year to appear in the top 10. As for the third...

7. CARA DELEVINGNE, 21, England, Women 2012 rank: #22 rank: #5 Editions: Australia, China, Spain, UK, U.S. Covers: 5

Cara needs no introduction. You've probably Googled her already. She's the social media model that keeps on giving. She sings, she dances, she acts and, of course, she models. Her resume for 2013 was seriously impressive and enough to catapult her to No. 5 on Of course, Vogue UK was her biggest cheerleader (she just landed her second UK cover for the January 2014 edition), and she also had the distinction of being the go-to model for celebrity editorials, sharing pages with the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Pharrell, and Ansel Elgort.

8. Saskia de Brauw, 32, Holland, DNA 2012 rank: -- rank: #2 Editions: China, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Paris, Russia Covers: 4

Dutch model Saskia de Brauw adds a quiet maturity and androgynous beauty to this year's list, two things that are always welcome. The Paolo Roversi muse is another Vogue Paris favorite (when Paris loves you, they love you a lot), though her number of single girl editorials was lacking compared to the rest on the top 10.

9. DOUTZEN KROES, 28, Holland, DNA 2012 rank: #23 rank: Industry Icons, Money List (#4), Top Sexiest (#8) Editions: Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, UK, U.S. Covers: 8

This year's cover girl winner managed to make an impression inside the magazine as well as out. Doutzen bounced around from one country to the next, without wearing out her welcome in any one place. She worked for more editions than any other model in the top 10, not to mention she had the highest average pages per editorial. She also had the advantage of working with top photographers in the industry, including Steven Meisel, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Mario Testino, Craig McDean and Patrick Demarchelier. Not bad at all.

10. Bette Franke, 24, Holland, DNA 2012 rank: -- rank: #26 Editions: Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, UK Covers: 4

It seems that DNA Models has the monopoly on the Dutch market, don't they? Bette Franke rounds out the list, having spent most of her time in the pages of Vogue Japan and being photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, though she did find the time to make worthwhile appearances elsewhere. Her page numbers were excellent, and while she blazed through eight editions, she is missing that important face time with Italy, Paris, and the U.S.