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10 Questions for 'The Fashion Fund,' Episode 2

This one was a nail-biter.

Ovation's series "The Fashion Fund" continued with its second episode on Wednesday night, and in the most nerve-wracking hour of television since the "Breaking Bad" finale, we see the 10 finalists enter the Vogue offices to present their collections and their business plans to the panel of judges (including, of course, Anna Wintour). Each contestant gets 15 minutes -- which abruptly end with a very annoying buzzer -- to explain the past, present and future of his or her brand, and to essentially prove that he or she is creatively and commercially viable. Not an easy task.

While we had to sit through some cringeworthy rambling and a dramatic cutoff or two, a handful of the designers really nailed their presentations and emerged as early favorites. Read on for our questions for this episode, and join us each week until the winner is crowned.

1. Are the judges for real that the contestants only get four days to prepare for their presentations, including fittings? This makes New York Fashion Week look like a cake walk.

2. How long until Parabellum's buffalo leather bags become street style staples? They are exquisite.

3. How much in total did the designers spend on airline tickets and shipping to get their items to New York in time for the presentation? (Juan Carlos Obando had to fly himself in from Madrid where he was vacationing -- that couldn't have been cheap.)

4. Are the Veronica Beard girls serious when they say (multiple times in the episode) that the Veronica Beard woman dresses either for her high-powered career or to look good for her husband? Kind of annoying.

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5. Did Todd Snyder really think he could win Anna Wintour over with -- gasp -- donuts? Also, did anyone understand his deal with Champion? We're with you, Jenna Lyons.

6. Why didn't the panel seem more impressed with Misha Nonoo's presentation? She sounds like she really knows her stuff.

7. How evil was Anna Wintour's smirk/sneer when Diane von Furstenburg said that she didn't think Todd Snyder was a good fit for the group? Poor guy didn't stand a chance.

8. Why didn't DVF ask everyone who they'd like as a mentor? Great question! Also, how sweet was it when Jason Jones sweetly told Reed Krakoff that he'd pick him? Aw.

9. Why didn't the cameras capture the epic fight that surely went down when Ariel Ovadia asked his wife to cancel their honeymoon to Israel so he could attend the Fashion Fund presentation? Well, at least he was able to Skype in.

10. How did I not know about the Public School boys' other label, Black Apple? It's seriously cool. Also, did any other contestants stand a chance after Dao-Yi Chow busted out the Public School slogan, "blending in by sticking out?"