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16 Entertaining Menswear Looks and Their Surprising Pop Culture Doppelgangers

See which designers channeled Middle Earth, Ken dolls and Flash Gordon.

Over the last few months, men's grooming has been getting more and more attention in the media. The New York Times just declared the beard "mainstream," everyone gushed over all the man buns at last week's Golden Globes awards, and people are opening manly nail salons .

If this season's menswear shows are any indication, designers and stylists have really upped their grooming game to almost rival the theatricality of couture show beauty looks. The problem is, as I was reviewing many of these runway looks, I was instantly reminded of salient moments (Tyra Banks wearing a net on her face!) and characters (Ryan Lochte!) in pop culture, because the extreme looks often read as costume-y. So I went with it.

Click through and see what I mean.

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Photos: Getty/Imaxtree