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Aerie Launches Retouch-Free Ad Campaign

Wherefore art thou, Jezebel?
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Amidst all the retouching kerfuffle happening in the media this week, it might surprise you to know that the people who are properly getting the message aren't the ones running a purportedly feminist website (*cough*) but instead, those running a lingerie line for young women -- Aerie.

That's right: The lingerie brand owned by American Eagle has launched a new ad campaign via GMA that it's dubbing #Aeriereal. What does it mean? The brand has eschewed all airbrushing -- even the most basic tweaks.

"We left everything. We left beauty marks, we left tattoos, what you see is really what you get with our campaign," Aerie's style and fit expert Jenny Altman told GMA. "It's a selling point because our customers represent this great demographic and they don't really get to see what girls their age really look like."

Unquestionably, this was an initiative that pre-dates the Lena Dunham/Vogue/Jezebel kick-up, but the timing of its release couldn't be more perfect. The results are gorgeous, and frankly, it's great that a company with such a young demographic is making this kind of move.

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