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American Apparel's Newest Lingerie Model Is 62 Years Old

And she looks incredible.

If you're a follower of American Apparel's often provocative ad campaigns, you'll certainly recognize Jacky O’Shaughnessy, the 62-year-old "advanced" model who's posed for the brand in years past. While she has modeled a line of basics for the LA-based label, her previous work for American Apparel was clothed, and her new campaign is, well, not.

According to a post on the brand's Facebook page, O’Shaughnessy is the newest face of AA's line of lingerie, and her portrait is accompanied with the tagline, "Sexy has no expiration date." In her case, this is most certainly true -- she's 6-feet-tall and has some of the most gorgeous white hair we've ever seen -- and we'd even venture to say that she puts many of the retailer's younger models to shame.

Yes, American Apparel has done a lot of wild things to make a statement over the years -- including outfitting its mannequins with giant merkins and printing graphic illustrations of vaginas on T-shirts -- but this is one we can firmly stand behind.

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