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Alyssa's Dangly Chain Earrings

So, I have a lot of holes in my ears, and these might be the newest addition to my collection.

So, I have a lot of holes in my ears. Six in one and five in the other, to be specific, including a couple in those hard-to-reach bits of cartilage -- I went through a bit of a phase in high school, OK? -- and I've acquired a pretty nice collection of dainty gold earrings to fill them with.

While I rarely switch them out, a couple of friends of mine have purchased these earrings from Brooklyn boutique Catbird (which is primarily known for its first knuckle rings) and I just might have to copy them. They're a simple diamond stud with a tiny, delicate chain encircling the earlobe from the front around to the back. They have enough sparkle to dress up an outfit but are subtle enough to wear everyday, which means you never have to take them out. Which is perfect, because you probably won't want to.

Chained to my heart earrings, $280 for the pair, available at Catbird.

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