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Cate Blanchett Watch: Pretty in Pink Givenchy

This might just be the wowiest "wow" moment from the actress during this awards circuit yet (we're obsessively keeping track).

A Cate Blanchett red carpet moment is like a snow leopard sighting -- so rare, beautiful and mystifying. But now that awards season is upon us, the Blue Jasmine actress is set to debut a series of daring and flawless fresh off-the-runway looks. And we're keeping track.

We love it when Blanchett does a pastel. There's something about the incongruity -- the impression that she is a Very Serious Actress, but, look, there she is wearing an unabashedly girly, frothy hue -- that knocks us off our feet. On Saturday, Blanchett did just that when she stepped out to the 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in a blush-colored Givenchy, complete with pink sequin trim.

Not only did she take home the honors for female actor in a leading role for Blue Jasmine, but she also gave us perhaps the red carpet moment we've been waiting for this season, similar to when she stunned at the movie's New York premiere back in July in a pale rose-colored Balenciaga.Edition cape and gown or, our (and many people's) personal favorite: that lilac Givenchy couture number at the Oscars in 2011.

The silhouette was loose and languid, with a sparkly halter top tie and loose bib cascading down the front, punctuated with more of those shiny, candy-colored discs. She kept the jewelry simple, save for a subtle pair of brown diamond earrings by Chopard and a filigree violet cuff.

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