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Lauren's Celine-like Black Skirt

Lauren has long coveted the mid-calf skirts Celine showed for Fall 2013 -- but not their price. She found the next best thing at H&M.

I, like just about everyone else in the office, loved Celine's feminine, pared-down Fall 2013 collection -- so much so that I still get inspired clicking through images of the collection 11 months after the show.

In particular, I adored the skirts (like this one): high-waisted and fitted, with a gentle (but not subtle) flare below the knee, paired with above-the-ankle boots. The shape is elegant, the fabric looks soft and warm, a sensible piece to be worn through fall, winter and spring.

Sensible though the skirts may seem, I'm not one to drop $1K something I'd wear maybe once a week (even if I really want to). Plus, given the lack of decorative details, I've been confident a pretty good imitation would pop up at Zara sometime this fall. True to form, Zara did produce a near-copy, but unfortunately it was poorly made: a wonky zipper stuck out the back like a tail (attractive, I know).

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Leave it to H&M to come up with exactly what I was looking for. The fabric is technically polyester, with a little bit of spandex, but it's of a nice medium weight and feels like crepe (hence the name). And at $50, I won't have major regrets if it doesn't become part of my main wardrobe rotation. I'm looking forward to pairing it with the oversized sweaters I find myself wearing every day this winter.

Crepe skirt, $49.95, available at H&M.

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