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CFDA Launches Its Own New York Fashion Week App

While it's not quite there yet, we have high hopes that this will ease the nightmare that is working out your schedule.

Any fashion week attendee (or at least, her assistant) knows the pain of organizing personal schedules for the week. First, you must cobble together a comprehensive schedule and find press contacts to e-mail in show requests; next, one must individually e-mail in those show requests, making sure nothing directly overlaps and there's plenty of time for travel between places; then wait as invites come in, some by e-mail, some by snail mail, others by both; and then assemble a calendar -- perhaps printed, perhaps digital -- that's ready in time for day one.

Sounds pretty inefficient, doesn't it?

The good news, for New York Fashion Week attendees at least, is that the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) is trying to do something about it. The organization launched Thursday a digital fashion calendar -- compatible on both desktop and mobile devices -- that allows users to see a list of all of the presentations and shows being held on the week. Users can sort by presentations versus shows, menswear versus womenswear, and by neighborhood. They can also, with a single click, add those shows to their desktop calendars.

At present, the app isn't terribly useful -- it doesn't let you request invites or RSVP to events, for example, nor is it compatible with Google Calendar. The CFDA acknowledges that it's a work in progress. What's important is the framework already in place and its potential. Imagine being able to organize your entire fashion week schedule -- invite requests, RSVPs and all -- from your mobile device plus, say, get a notification if you've double-booked a show or if it's time to leave for the next one. Technically it's possible -- now let's hope the CFDA will make it happen.

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