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Chanel's Giant Pearls Are Already Dominating 2014's Magazine Covers

We're only three days into the new year, and the giant jewels have already managed to snag as many covers.
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Chanel sure knows what's up when it comes to creating statement accessories. The handbags and jewelry Karl Lagerfeld and Co. send down the runway each season may not always be the most practical for IRL situations, but as far as fashion mags are concerned, the stuff is editorial gold.

For Spring 2013, the French house introduced the world to the hula hoop bag -- which, according to Lagerfeld, was intended as a beach accoutrement. And while we never did see the massive quilted item half-buried in the sand last year, we did see it splashed all over the pages of nearly every major international glossy (styled in some very creative ways, we might add).

And now, it seems Chanel's done it again, albeit in a much more subtle -- yet still striking -- way, with the oversized 'pearl' necklaces (and matching rings and bracelets) shown for Spring 2014. Some versions resemble blinged-out headphones, while others are asymmetrical. We're only three days into the new year, and the giant jewels have already managed to snag as many covers: Vogue Italia January (worn by Julia Nobis), Vogue Australia January (on Jessica Hart) and Harper's Bazaar UK February, worn by Chanel spokesgirl Keira Knightley.

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Lagerfeld is quoted on Chanel's in-house blog explaining what makes the bobbly chokers -- a play on Coco Chanel's trademark string of pearls -- so special:

"My favorite thing is the new necklace like an earphone, it's two huge pearls, but in fact it's very flattering because the huge pearls give a beautiful light on the girl's face."

Well, they've already lit up at least one girl's face on the red carpet: Chanel fanatic Miley Cyrus sported one of the necklaces to Germany's Bambi Awards in November. It seems safe to say this trend of giant pearls is just getting started. We can only hope Lagerfeld's got an ample supply of humungous oysters from which to harvest them.