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Chanel's Couture Sneakers Are Available for Purchase... But Only With a Full Couture Look

There's always DIY.
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When Karl Lagerfeld sent a fleet of shimmery sneakers down the Chanel Couture runway this week, it was the ultimate affirmation that it's both okay and awesome to wear comfy footwear all the time, everywhere. And it gave sneakerheads a glimmer of hope that maybe (maybe?) they'd be able to add something couture to their collections.

Of course, it was too good to be true. A Chanel rep told us this morning that the sneakers are only available for purchase with a full couture look. The good news, as Vogue UK reported this morning, is that similar styles will be available this spring in Chanel's commercial and ready-to-wear collections.

We've reached out to Dior, which also showed some slip-on sneaks at Paris Couture this week, to see if the same is true of their footwear, and we'll update when we hear back.

If you can't wait until spring and a full couture look isn't in your budget — who are you? — we suggest taking a BeDazzler to a pair of Nike Frees this weekend. Take your time, though: the Chanel versions took about 30 hours each to make.

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