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Downton Abbey Fashion Recap: Clothes for Clubbing and Canoodling

Welcome back to Downton Abbey , which has been a pretty depressing place so far this season. The bright spot? We're firmly into the 1920's now and the fashion is spectacular.

Welcome back to Downton Abbey, which has been a pretty depressing place so far this season. Lady Mary is still in the depths of despair for Matthew, Tom hasn't stopped moping, Daisy is lovelorn for Alfred and, of course, poor Anna! The bright spot? We're firmly into the 1920s now and the fashion is spectacular.

Click through to see the notable looks from last night's episode.

Photos courtesy of iTV/PBS

Bitch stole my look, Downton edition:

Lady Edith and Rose couldn't be more different, but they both apparently like sage green. Lady Edith wore hers at breakfast; Rose's is a bit more embellished and suitable for club hopping.

Lady Mary still likes jewel tones:

For the first two episodes of the season, Lady Mary wore nothing but black mourning dresses. However, this episode she's gone back to her favorite plummy jewel tones, a sign that she's slowly becoming interested in the world again. Mary also favors the long beaded necklaces that were popular at the time, though hers tend to be less flashy than Rose's or even Edith's. She's the epitome of restraint in all things.

Lady Edith becomes a city girl:

According to last week's US Weekly, we can expect to start seeing Lady Edith in more "cosmopolitan" looks, thanks to all the time she's spending in London. She definitely seems more confident, and that sleeveless dress she wore for her, ahem, stay-in date with her editor was downright risque. When full-on flapper fashion and shorter hemlines hit, will Edith be the first of the Downton ladies to try it?

Rose's girly pastels:

While Rose has given up last season's glorious curls for more fashionable finger waves, she still indulges her penchant for girliness by wearing pastels and sailor dresses. I suspect that all the time she's spending in clubs lately may make her grow up quickly, though.

Here's what you're missing, Alfred:

Poor jealous Daisy. When is she going to get lucky in love? But look, Alfred: Get Daisy out of that cap and apron, and she's pretty hot. (That's Sophie McShera at the SAG Awards this past weekend.)

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Mary's long, lean lines:

The 20s were all about long, loose garments, and they hang perfectly on Lady Mary's frame (although I think she needs to indulge in a few of Mrs. Patmore's lemon cakes. In some scenes she looks very thin and drawn to me.)

The Dowager Countess is obviously still wearing corsets:

While all her granddaughters have given up their corsets, the Dowager Countess remains buttoned up to the neck, always. While her attitude is a bit softer this season, her fashion definitely is not.

Meet the new bandleader, Jack Ross:

"Things have come to a pretty pass when you have to be rescued by a black band leader!" says the meddling Rosamund. The charming Jack Ross is totally the Drake/Bruno Mars of his time. We suspect many ladies would be happy to be rescued by him. Go, Rose, and break down those barriers. Love the carnation.

Tony Gillingham is a total catch:

The adorable childhood friend and would-be suitor of Lady Mary can really wear the crap out of a suit. Mary, send him a letter immediately and tell him you changed your mind!

Accessory spotlight:

There is nothing sexier than an arm cuff, and Lady Edith wears hers brilliantly. I also love this Art Deco pendant Lady Mary busted out.

When are Mrs. Hughes and Carson going to hook up?:

Mrs. Hughes is quite possibly the wisest and kindest person in that house and solves every problem. She shared a nice drink with Carson and I was praying for a kiss. They totally deserve each other, in the best way possible. What would a Mrs. Hughes wedding dress look like?

Kissy face:

Speaking of kissing, everyone was sucking face last night. Best way to get a natural flush.