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Elle Releases February Cover Images: Could Another Controversy Be on the Way?

Elle has released four covers for its annual "Women in Television" issue -- and Mindy Kaling's looks a little, well, different.

Elle has just released the cover images for its fourth annual "Women in Television" issue, and it's a great group of ladies: Amy Poehler, Zooey Deschanel, Allison Williams and Mindy Kaling, each of whom look stunning.

Yet we couldn't help but notice that there was something a bit different about one of the covers (and we don't mean Allison Williams looking way sexier than usual -- meow, Ms. Williams!).

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Williams, Poehler, and Deschanel all get the Elle three-quarter length treatment. But Kaling -- who, at a a self-proclaimed size 8, is hardly "plus size" -- gets a close-cropped image.

It could be a total coincidence -- after all, when the Internet got up in arms over Melissa McCarthy's covered-up treatment, both the star and the magazine spoke out to say that McCarthy herself picked out the coat that sparked the controversy.

Still, that wasn't the first time an Elle cover has caused problems: In 2010, an image of actress Gabourey Sidibe landed the glossy in hot water not just over her close-cropped cover image, but over claims that the magazine lightened her skin. Robbie Myers, editor in chief of Elle, vehemently denied those accusations.

It's perhaps worth noting that Kaling, the only woman of color to get her own cover, is also the only cover image rendered in black and white.

Photos: Carter Smith for Elle