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Everyone Looked Pretty Great at the Critics' Choice Awards

Well played, Hollywood.
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Thursday night's Critics' Choice Awards were a sightly more low-key affair than Sunday's Golden Globes. You could tell people were probably saving their 'wow' looks for the Oscars, which meant we didn't see a lot of risk-taking (with the exception of awesomely fearless Adele Exarchopoulos), but no one looked bad. Truly.

There were also fewer attendees and thus, perhaps, less material for a worst-dressed list. But one of awards season's red carpet queens failed to attend. Jennifer Lawrence must have just run out of frothy Dior dresses because she didn't show up, despite being nominated. Fortunately, Lupita Nyong'o won in her category, giving us the opportunity to see her great Calvin Klein dress again, and to hear this awesome speech.

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She wasn't the only one who looked great, though. Click through to see the rest of the evening's leading ladies, just about all of whom totally got it right.

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