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Editors Can Now Request Samples by App for Fashion Week

For the first time ever, editors can now use Fashion GPS Radar to request samples from collections by app.

Many an iPhone-wielding fashion editor could not get through New York Fashion Week without Fashion GPS Radar, a free app that allows users to manage the multitude of show and party invites they receive each season, all in one handy calendar. The app is about to get even more useful thanks to a recent update: For the first time ever, editors can now use the app to request samples from collections within hours of a show.

Fashion GPS has organized the app into two menus: One for event calendars, and a second for image/show galleries, the latter of which will allow editors to see (and even download) slideshows of collections and request samples. Given that this is the first time Fashion GPS is offering such a service on mobile (it has been offered via Fashion GPS's website for the past few seasons), not all brands will support it, but those rep'd by KCD -- whose clients include big names like Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham -- will, as will a number of Australian labels. The feature currently works for about 100 collections, a spokesperson for Fashion GPS tells Fashionista, adding that the company is expecting to sign up many new clients in the coming weeks.

The service is a simpler, more widely adoptable version of the "Social Concierge Service" pioneered by Tommy Hilfiger last season. Attendees of Hilfiger's September show were able to e-mail in requests for assets -- whether a runway look or, say, a quote from Tommy backstage -- which they could use to publish in print, on their websites or on social media. A backstage team of "social concierges" delivered the requested assets in as little as 10 minutes.

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The new feature is also similar to that offered by wholesale buying apps like Joor, Balluun and Nubook, which allow buyers to browse designers' collections and submit orders via tablet. What those companies have done for buyers Fashion GPS is aiming to do for editors -- that is, streamline the image and sample request process so that editors don't have to spend hours doing it one-by-one by phone or desktop.

"Editors will no longer need to stalk PR people to get images post-show for last-minute story filing," the spokesperson explains.