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Things We Love: Gap's Simple Summer Sandals

Gap showed some smart white denim at its summer 2014 collection preview -- and these perfect, simple, just-feminine-enough sandals.

Gap held its press preview for its summer 2014 collection on Thursday evening -- and it was pretty darn good. That's largely thanks to Creative Director Rebekka Bay, who was brought over from H&M brand COS in October 2012 and has been churning out wearable -- and far more fashion-forward -- collections for Gap ever since.

Bay's summer collection for Gap is no exception. Keeping with Gap's legacy, the focus was on denim: blue denim, white denim, and denim in pastel hues like lavender, mint and yellow (sometimes all on a single garment). I didn't care for the pastel denim at all, but the white denim -- in particular, a pair of wonderfully cut, white slim-cut jeans and the white cotton eyelet tops that went with them -- made me pine for summer.

But best of all were the sandals. I'm rather picky about sandals: I do not like thongs and I do not like birks -- nor, for that matter, any of the other suddenly fashionable "ugly flats" we're seeing all over the runways. (I do not like them on myself that is; they seem to look pretty good on the models -- shocker.) I've been eyeing these distressed leather sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals ever since they popped up on Moda'Operandi, but now that I've seen Gap's sandals -- Marni-like, but more feminine -- I've decided to wait. I like them just as much and, best of all, they'll probably be a tenth the cost. Bravo, Gap.

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