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Girls Fashion Recap: Hannah Goes Mod and Shoshanna Bares Her Boobs

"Did you leave in a rush?"
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Girls returned for its third season Sunday night, which means Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, Shoshanna and all of their fashion and hair choices are back and up for discussion. Last night's double feature, if you were able to stay awake for an hour after the Globes, gave us a lot to talk about -- from Hannah's mod experimentation, to Jessa's silky rehab jammies, to Shoshanna's boobs and surprisingly normal-looking hair.

Read on to see how all of the characters' recent life choices manifested in their wardrobes during season three's opener.

Hannah's Quirky Work 'Fit: Hannah had a lot going on from the get-go: Work at Ray's new coffee venture, a meeting with her editor, a therapy session, and a small dinner party (which she changed clothes for). Based on the aforementioned activities, you would think she had gotten her shit together. This is not really reflected in her outfit: A clashing printed blouse and skirt, with the blouse awkwardly not tucked into the skirt, accessorized with a wayfarer sunglasses hair pin to style her new pixie. An outfit that prompted this hilarious question from Amy Schumer, Natalia's outspoken bestie: "Did you leave in a rush?" Perfect.

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Marnie Dresses Down Marnie is still trucking along with that downward spiral that began when she lost her art gallery job last season, having suffered the second blow of losing Charlie just after they'd finally worked things out (of course we all know the real reason for the breakup). It was a rare opportunity to see her dressed down: First in sweats while she's sleeping on the couch at her mom's place, and then in an (actually pretty cute) striped sweatshirt while moving into her new "shit box." Granted, we also see her in a cute, sophisticated printed blue dress, which she wears to her new job at Grumpy. She even looks a bit overdressed for such a job, if you ask us, which is very Marnie. As much as we want to, we probably won't ever see Marnie's emotional crises reflected in her wardrobe.

Shoshanna Is the Typical Hungover College Student Hoodie, topknot, sunglasses, giant iced coffee: We've all been there. It's the quintessential ensemble of an exhausted, hungover college student who's regretting a few of last night's decisions. Shoshanna is no longer the Charlotte of the group. Has she turned into the Samantha?

Jessa's Rehab Wardrobe The only knowledge I have of what people wear in rehab comes from the reality show Celebrity Rehab, which is fun because they always go to group therapy first thing in the morning while they're still in pajamas, meaning you get to see celebs in their pajamas! And we guess this was our opportunity to see Jessa in her version of pajamas, which looks to be some sort of expensive, silk, Japanese-inspired loungewear. Very luxe and very Jessa.

Hannah Goes Mod Hannah seems to have been inspired by her meltdown-induced haircut to try some mod-inspired looks. This was most prominently and, in our opinion, successfully, exhibited by the outfit she chose for dinner: a short '60s-tinged mini dress with stripes across the top half and solid cream on the bottom. We thought it was adorable. Later, she cruises upstate to pick up Jessa from rehab while wearing a pair of very oversized mod sunglasses. Less adorable.

Shosh's Hair Looks Normal. Her Boobs on the Other Hand... We got at least a temporary break from Shoshanna's bewilderingly insane hairdos from season two. Throughout both episodes, she mostly wore her long mane down, parted down the center, with a natural wave to it. It actually made us a little sad, knowing that Zosia Mamet would later cut it all off for the Globes (we think she still looks great though). Then, there were her boobs, which were very much out in a revealing Hervé Leger-esque dress, both at dinner and during the road trip, which seemed a tad inappropriate. It's the new Shosh.

Jessa's Awesome Jewelry We're so excited Jessa's back -- and without that awful crimped hair. We love her gorgeous features, dry humor, and her clothes and accessories. Her 'leaving rehab' outfit was great: An insane cross earring rest on one ear, a big, gold ring on her finger; and an awesome deep green coat with a fur collar that I want to own, though it's probably vintage.